I’m Nnedi and I began blogging back in the 9th grade, just for the fun of it. Then later I moved to Tumblr, where it was mostly just reblogging inspo along with sharing my time living in China and even created one dedicated for my Sims obsession, and then now we’re here.

But why? I enjoy doing it, simply because it is cool to update and see the progression of what’s happening here and there. I am no by any means a fantastic writer, but its something neat to do during my spare time. 

I am doing the best I can do with what I have now.

Traveling on a dime is one of my favorite pastimes along with biking and even people watching. When I am not moving around so much, I am on the hunt for unique looking postcards, taking tons of pictures of random inanimate objects, and just searching for the next, best thing.

Stay tuned.