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First Impressions of Taiwan

Everyone is super sweet!

I feel like Taiwanese people really want to know and learn more from me. Some places I travel to, people start a conversation in trying to get something from you whether its to buy their product or some type of services, but the people here seem genuine. When I am lost, people go out of there way to help me even if they are not asked for and are very hardworking individuals.

Great balance in their infrastructure and use of space

From just living in Hualian and Taipei, Taiwan has a great balance between city and rural life in many of their cities. You could take a hike up one of their many mountains, bike on their designated trails, hang out in a park, go watch a movie, go out, sing it up in a KTV venue all without leaving the city.

That food tho…

Taiwan is a foodie destination. Known to have the best night markets in all of Asia with a variety of food to try. From Beef Noodles, Coffin Bread, and even Shaved Ice, there’s a great variety of food to eat and all just way too delicious just, not to try. And with Japan conquering Taiwan for a little over 40 years, there’s a wide selection of Japanese food as well.

The less traveled destination

From being in Taiwan for a little over a month, I can tell that it is one of the overlooked Asian countries. Maybe its due to the fact that they have very little international presence or that most countries don’t consider Taiwan as a country. Compared to other places I’ve traveled to, Taiwan is definitely somewhere that has been left untouched and unsaturated with gentrification and I love it.

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